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Advertising: One Brick at a Time

Advertising: One Brick at a Time

Lego designers adhere to a philosophy of interconnectedness that can teach us a lot about designing an effective advertising game plan. 

Legos were invented in 1932 in Denmark. The iconic building system takes its name from combining two Dutch words, leg and godt, meaning play well. The double meaning of this clever name is obvious: Legos are a great way for kids (and grown-ups) to play, and Legos themselves play well with each other—every brick can connect and complement any other brick. This universality of bricks is what Lego’s designers refer to as The System in Play.

Advertising with just one medium is like building with just one size or kind of Lego brick—your creation is limited to only a handful of lackluster possibilities. If you want your advertising efforts to stand out and wow like a magical Lego unicorn, you’ll need a variety of bricks at your disposal and an understanding of how they can all fit together.  

As a business who values telling your story well, you’ll need to understand at least a little bit about every form of advertising and how they can fit together and complement each other. 

Most forms of advertising are predictable. For instance, radio advertising brings in an older audience. Advertising with TikTok can get a growing audience of younger eyes on your business. But, some forms of advertising can be surprising. 

Take print as an example. It would be easy to assume that the audience for magazines and other printed forms of advertising is shrinking and is restricted to an older crowd. But, as research shows, that’s not the case. The number of eyes on magazines is growing, including those of millennials and Gen Zers. 

Print plays well with other forms of advertising. It can click together with all other mediums and can create a story telling masterpiece. 

The experts at Evergreen Media can help you decide which combination and balance of advertising media is right for you. We are committed to telling your story well.

Does your business’s brand click? Find out how different forms of advertising can work together to tell your story in the most compelling way possible. Digital, print and other forms of advertising can work together to create a storytelling masterpiece for your business. Take a lesson from everyone’s favorite childhood toys, Legos, and see how your ad strategy needs variety to achieve more.