Evergreen Media calls the Dean Building in Rapid City home. Formerly housing an auto dealership, this space has been rejuvenated into a creative work space complete with original brick, windows, and refurbished findings.

Located near the heart of downtown, Evergreen Media’s office spaces can transform to accommodate an array of events.


This red shipping container from Omaha has transformed into our conference room. Equipped with a 65” TV, a large table and chairs, and cork floors – the Container is great for private meetings and gatherings.

Living Room

The EGM Living Room has two couches, two over sized chairs and a coffee table – offering a homey setting for your event. Set in the front corner of our offices, placement near the kitchen area and is perfect for gatherings needing bar access.

Open Floor

Needing space for an active group or large event? You can reserve our entire offices – all 5,800 square feet!