Meet the Pups

As these pups will tell you, publishing is a dog-eat-dog business. These canines have weaved through deadlines and have climbed the ladder to secure coveted positions here at Evergreen Media!

Cooper – Chief Morale Officer

Cooper may strike you as a shy dog who is afraid of strangers. But don’t let this cleverly-crafted facade fool you – he is a brilliant business mutt!

It isn’t easy raising the morale of the entire office everyday, but somehow Cooper manages.

When he isn’t working, he enjoys walks, running through traffic, having his paws pet, and following around people he think might pet him.

Alma Mater: PetSmart

Favorite movie: All Dogs Go To Heaven

Favorite colors: Black & white







MarleySenior Walk Time Coordinator

Marley is a laid back pup that goes with the flow. She likes hiking in the Black Hills, traveling, and modeling. Her beautifully colored fur, heterochromatic eyes, and demeanor make her a natural in front of the camera!

Alma Mater: University of California-Barkeley

Fears: Thunder, loud noises, and new people

Favorite football team: The University of Georgia Bulldogs










TuckerPetting Production Manager

Tucker has a lot of personality packed into his tiny frame. He is 10% fur and 90% professionalism.

When not working his 8-to-5 and keeping the team on their toes, he is exercising, sleeping, patrolling walk-in traffic, and researching ways to further his food-finding abilities.


Alma Mater: University of Nebraska-Lincoln and a year as an exchange student at BH (Basset Hound) State University

Favorite colors: Black & white

Favorite food: Almost everything (not french fries)








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