8 Reasons you should be nice to your sales people

8 Reasons you should be nice to your sales people

As tourism and wedding season are in full swing, businesses across the Black Hills see more than their fair share of traffic through their doors. We are friendly to those who are shopping with us, but oftentimes, we forget that the people selling to us are people, too. Here are 8 reasons why you should be nice to everyone – even your sales people.

1: Everyone is a customer!

Every business is selling something. Sales people are customers, just like everyone else. How you treat a sales person, says a lot about how you sell your company.

2: They are great resources!

Sales people know many people in many different industries. Don’t you want to be the company that they refer people to?

3: They want to help you grow your business!

Let’s face it, if they don’t have business, they don’t have a job. The more successful their customers are, the more successful they become.

4: It might help secure a better deal for you!

It’s the whole mentality of “Scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. Don’t you want to help those that help you?

5: They know your market!

Sales people are in the market day in and out. They see what is trending, failing, and working for others.

6: They know your competition better than you do!

There is only so much research that you can find on Google. You can not find all the types of advertising and marketing that your competition is doing. Your sales person knows. It’s what they do.

7: They can save you time and money!

Sales people are out there everyday seeing what businesses are using to be more efficient. They may know a more effective and efficient way to do things.

8: They are probably honest and ethical!

Sales people rely on their reputation to do business. If they want to jeopardize their reputation, why would anyone want to purchase from them?

By Natasha Moberly

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