Building the Base

Building the Base

The Evergreen Media office is encased by rustic exposed brick walls. As the building was originally built in 1929 to be a motor company, the brick walls were already here when we moved-in in November 2016, but they are perfect for Evergreen!

Like the individual bricks that make up the walls, Evergreen Media’s success depends on the collaboration of many individual parts. Each member of our team works together to build something bigger than ourselves! Photographer Jesse works with the designers to figure out the best shots for articles written by Editorial Director Jenna. Jenna writes articles based on what the team brainstorms in editorial meetings. The sales team works with Jenna to incorporate ads relating to this issue’s articles. Creative Director John makes sure that all of Jesse’s photographs, Jenna’s articles, and the sales team’s ads will fit nicely in the next issue.

Like our team, the historic old bricks join together to make our walls. They have been with the building since it was constructed in the 1920s, through multiple ownership changes, and through the revitalization of the entire Dean Building in 2016. The bricks now support the Harriet & Oak coffee shop, Kicks and Giggles baby boutique, luxury apartments, and the Evergreen Media team. Whether encasing a normal work day when we are designing ads, writing stories, or editing pictures, or for a fun party where clients, employees, and family get together–the bricks stay strong and supportive!

Like the brick walls, Evergreen Media is going nowhere but up!


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