Going the Extra Mile

Going the Extra Mile

One of the most interesting aspects of the Evergreen Media offices here in downtown Rapid City is the huge shipping container turned meeting room. This container used to bring goods across the ocean, but now hosts meetings about photo spreads and our next magazine layout.

This red K Line shipping container started its journey in Tokyo, and headed to Omaha before ending up in our office.

Shipping Container

Evergreen Media Team

Tare weight of 5200 pounds Consumes 5760 cups of coffee
Maximum weight of 62,000 pounds Prints 869,000 magazines per year

Just like the shipping container, our team at Evergreen Media will go the extra mile. Whether it is working with our marketing team for creative campaign strategies to get clients and customers through your doors, creating a beautiful advertisement with our design team, or chatting with our editorial team – our group of professionals are here to help you reach your goals.

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