Unconventional Internship

Unconventional Internship

At Evergreen Media, “3 o’clock” is a verb.

[/θri, – əˈklɒk/ ] – the sometimes spontaneous act of meeting in the lounge with co-workers to talk about weird subjects like embarrassing moments, what cartoon character we’d be, and what we’d do with a million dollars.

Etymology – 3 o’clock originates from the fact that these meetings usually occur around 3 o’clock when everyone’s getting tired.

At these 3 o’clocks, I learned plenty of information about the people that make up Evergreen. Like that Meghan’s favorite movie is Say Anything, or that John’s idea of camping includes air condition and is within pizza delivery range.

When I accepted an internship here, I never thought I would spend my summer hiking 6.2 miles to the top of Crazy Horse, trekking through the hot and arid Badlands to get the perfect shot, planning a raw material themed fashion show, or exploring abandoned mining towns to add a little more perspective to the Black Hills Visitor Guide ghost town article series. I especially never thought I would be writing business-professional biographies for each of the three office dogs! While my time here was a little unconventional, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Jenna, the Editorial Director, reviewed each of my articles and gave me tips on how to improve my writing. I was able to write for niche publications like Black Hills Parent and our three bridal magazines, which made me a more competent writer as I researched subjects that I wouldn’t normally write about. It was so exciting to see my articles published in the glossy magazines!

The desk in my office (yes, I had my own office!) was covered with Evergreen Media’s distinct light green-colored swag like a mug, notebook, mouse pad, pen, coffee cup, press pass, and more. I could fill a museum with all of my light green, Evergreen Media logo-covered memorabilia. On my first day, I was shocked to discover that I had a 500 pack box of my own business cards. It was official–I am an “editorial intern”, and by now 500 people vaguely related to publishing know!

Working at Evergreen has some peculiar perks. Whenever I was out of steam to finish an article, I could go and chill with one of the three resident office dogs: Marley, Cooper, and Tucker. Sometimes they even come in my office to hang out. The office runs by the motto “work hard, play hard”, as there are parties for every event. The beginning of summer warrants a party, any time a magazine drops warrants a party, and holidays warrant a party.

With the modern and innovative office, you’ll think you’re in a Silicon Valley company. Compared to Evergreen, Google Headquarters needs to step their game up! The meeting room is a repurposed shipping container, sliding stall doors are utilized, and the rafters are visible. Compared with the glaring white walls, brown carpet, and crowded desk offices that I’ve had in the past, coming into work everyday was a treat.

For ambitious self-starters who aren’t afraid to get their hands (and hiking boots) dirty, this internship is the one you’ve been searching for!

Internships are available in summer, fall, and spring seasons and positions are in departments like editorial, photo, design, and marketing. Apply for an internship here or email Jenna at jenna@egmrc.com. In your application, include a resume, cover letter, and any other relevant materials like a portfolio.

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