2020 Vision

2020 Vision

Now that January is half over, you’ve probably been bombarded with talk of “2020 vision.” It’s easy to dismiss this overused phrase as a cliché, but it really is a perfect analogy for the new year. It represents forward-thinking and gives us something on which to pin our hopes. But what does it really mean?

Evergreen Media has enjoyed an impressive growth spurt over the past 16 months, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all we have experienced during this time. Every member of our staff brings unique talent to the office; we are passionate about utilizing these diverse skill sets to help foster growth in the community and assist others in a variety of different ways.

One question we encounter often from the people we work with is surprisingly basic: who is Evergreen Media? The truth is, we didn’t know how to answer that question for a long time. But as we focused on our mission of growing and supporting this place we call home, we have come to the conclusion that it’s okay to not know EXACTLY who we are as a company.

If we were solely a publishing company, think of all the amazing connections and incredible stories we might have missed. We think about all the talent we hold within our office walls and how it would be kept just to ourselves. That’s not who we are! We are problem solvers and storytellers. Given our breadth of projects, we can’t classify ourselves as simply a publishing house or a research firm or a creative agency. The truth is, we are a hybrid media company with strong Midwestern values…and that is something truly unique to Rapid City.

This year, we are focused on moving forward. Our experience has instilled a confidence that we can perform to the highest of standards, helping others succeed while doing what we love to help this amazing community we are all so passionate about grow. We will continue to focus on our mission of keeping our content, projects, and publications fresh by exploring new ideas and up-and-coming trends while maintaining a respect to tradition. By focusing on topics that are relevant to the area we serve, we will endure.

It’s okay if you don’t have an easily-defined title or a plan for the future that is completely mapped out, because if you are paralyzed by perfection, you are likely to overlook what is happening around you and miss out on opportunities in which you can provide valuable services.

2020 vision involves seeing clearly…something you can only do with your eyes wide open. 

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