Gift Ideas for the Creative Pro

Gift Ideas for the Creative Pro

Between decorating the house, cooking fancy meals, shoveling snow, and shopping for friends and loved ones, the holiday season is hectic. Before you know it, you’ll be gathered beneath the tree, exchanging gifts. Stuck coming up with the perfect present for that creative or office professional in your life? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We polled the Evergreen staff to find out which office products they simply can’t live without (or wish they had). Hopefully, these will give you the inspiration you need!

Creatives are just like other professionals; they have certain tools of the trade they rely on to get their jobs done. If there’s one universal go-to product on their list, it’s Post-It notes. Even in today’s digital age, you can’t beat the convenience and visual impact of those tiny squares of paper that can be stuck anywhere. And they’re recyclable, so you don’t have to worry about destroying the planet! Multiple staff members find Post-Its indispensable.

Here are other staff picks:


“I love my diffuser and my standing desk.” (She does have the best-smelling office in the building!)


“File folders and paper clips. I like to keep things organized! I almost said email too, but that’s not a product.” (It may not be a physical product, but we think this one’s a classic and essential tool for any office!)


“Ticonderoga #2 yellow pencil, Pilot G2 0.7 pen, black fine-point Sharpie, black Moleskine journal with dotted layout. I enjoy the simple elegance of old technology.”


Ticonderoga #2 yellow pencil and linen tester/loupe. (If you’ve never heard of one, you’re not alone. It’s a strong magnifier with a measuring scale and built-in stand, originally designed to check woven fabric quality.)


“My mini desk refrigerator stocked with a ready supply of Spindrift, the only sparkling water that actually tastes good. And my Bose QC35 noise-canceling headphones, so I can rock out while writing without disturbing anybody else.”


“My box cutter. And coffee! Is coffee an office product?” (It must be, because several people mentioned it). By the way, it’s a good idea to stay on Alix’s good side…


Ergonomic keyboard and ultra fine-point Sharpie. (It’s comforting that even in this high-tech age, pens and pencils still have a place in the modern office!)


Coffee maker and popcorn machine. (Creative types need fuel! And even though Evergreen conveniently shares a wall with one of the city’s best coffee shops, sometimes it’s just too miserable outside to walk the 10 steps next door.)


“My Evergreen coffee cup that I use every day. Most certainly, my desk is a necessity. I love its mobility and the white board!” (Our rolling workstations are pretty cool.)


“Highlighters. I like to have all available colors by my side at all times. I highlight A LOT. Probably unnecessary highlighting at times. Also, my 30-pack of Emergen-C (tangerine flavor) and Pilot G2 0.7 pens. They just make handwriting better.”


“I love paperclips. All the convenience of fastening related documents without the disfiguring permanence of staples. I’m also a sucker for Wite-Out. I’m a guy who is well-acquainted with damage control after a screw-up. Nothing hides underlying issues like fresh paint, flowers, and Wite-Out. Look, it never happened, says Wite-Out. It’s a blanket workplace apology and I’m a fan.”


“Large notebook for sketching my video storyboards and my laptop, so I can have everything up that I need. I’m a multi-tasker and go from project to project as inspiration strikes.”

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