Intern Profile: Sarah Richards

Intern Profile: Sarah Richards

Evergreen Media has it all. Friendly faces, puppies, hiking, and an open work space; what’s not to love?

As a photography student in the BFA program at Black Hills State University, I am required to complete a 150-hour internship. I explained what I was looking for in an internship to my advisor, Steve Babbitt, and he introduced me to the possibility of Evergreen Media. I knew as a first semester junior it might have been a long shot, but I had to try. 

Hired at the start of the year, the title given to me was “communications intern.” When I saw those two words, my heart leapt. I wasn’t exactly sure what that entailed, but I was up for the challenge! By the end of my summer internship, I will have over 200 hours completed. But my experience has been so much more than just an internship. 

Taking this position has given me hands-on experience in the fields that I love while making connections and learning new things. Overall, the Evergreen Media staff has given me confidence in my abilities both as a photographer and a journalist. I’ve gotten a taste of what it’s like to be a part of a collaborative team and what it’s like to work in the publishing world. 

A lot of my internship involves thinking outside of the box and being willing to work in unconventional situations. It’s been fun seeing my ideas come to life. For the Black Hills Visitor publication, I have been working very closely with senior content writer Mark Petruska and digital director Jay Eining on a creative video series that will be released next summer. 

In just the first month alone, I’ve learned so much more than what a lifetime of schooling can offer. I’ve participated in video production, content for online, event photography, and have even been able to concoct my own ideas for stock photo shoots and blogs. Truly, I have felt a part of the Evergreen team. Participating in meetings, my mentors have openly listened to my suggestions and have always been available to answer any of my questions. This internship is something that will stick with me for years to come.

From fantasizing about National Geographic to South Dakota publications, I’ve been able to see a life’s dream come to reality. Since high school, my goal has been to be a photojournalist for a publication. While at Evergreen Media I may not be exactly that, but I am still able to chase after what I love most. 

Remember though, an internship is what you make of it. Be willing to work over the normal 8-5 business hours and in unique situations. Use the resources of your co-workers as much as you can to gain the most experience. Any student wanting to go into the publishing business from any aspect should pursue an internship with Evergreen Media. Whether your interest is in journalism, graphic design, marketing, advertising, content, or photography, it can be an amazing experience.

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