Our Favorite Downtown Hangouts

Our Favorite Downtown Hangouts

Downtown Rapid City charms locals and visitors alike with its mixture of history and culture. Compact and walkable, with a variety of shops, galleries, and restaurants, not to mention a family-friendly vibe, there’s plenty to love. When Evergreen Media relocated from the northern outskirts of town to an energetic, creative space at 329 Main Street in the heart of downtown, we looked forward to immersing ourselves in the thriving downtown scene and being more accessible to both our vendors and the public. Our location provides staff with the perfect opportunity to explore (at least when the weather is decent). Naturally, we all have favorite spots, both during and after business hours. Here are some of our staff picks.

Jenna Carda, Managing Director

“I like walking over to Alternative Fuel in the summertime, grabbing a green monster smoothie and working outside at Main Street Square. I also love that Fork Real Café is just around the corner from the office. It’s so yummy and it’s giving back to the community while getting great food. After hours, it’s great to indulge in all the Happy Hours downtown, from Paddy O’Neill’s and Tally’s to ¿Que Pasa? and Wobbly Bobby.”

Mark Petruska, Senior Content Writer

“I make it a point to walk through Art Alley at least once a month to check out the ever-changing murals. Black Hills Vinyl is another favorite spot, but dangerous—I usually walk out of there with at least 2-3 records to add to my collection. It’s always fun to duck into Press Start for some vintage arcade action. I’m also partial to Lone Pine Kombucha, and when not on the clock, I like to hang out at Paddy O’Neill’s (their pretzel sticks are addictive), Independent Ale House, or the Firehouse.”

Meghan Rose, Communications Manager

“I frequent St. Joe Antiques Mall more than my wallet would like me to. I stroll through it on Saturday mornings or quickly walk through over lunch. It’s so busy it distracts my brain from any other lingering thoughts or frustrations. It’s a great escape! Also, some vendor booths rotate through things so quick! I’m always surprised. If I find something I like and don’t buy it that day, there is a 98 percent chance it won’t be there the next.”

Ryan Hall, Developer Analyst

Harriet & Oak and Pure Bean at all times of the day, and the Starbucks at the Hotel Alex Johnson every other Monday. After hours, Delmonico Grill and Murphy’s Pub (their Douwe Egbert coffee hits the spot while I’m out with friends). The Tinderbox for chess, cigars, and bourbon.”

Alix Schaeffer, Business Development Specialist

Press Start is always a fun time if you have some quarters burning a hole in your pocket! I always enjoy the atmosphere of the Rushmore’s two bars, but they do not open until 3 p.m. Privé is their newest addition, with a great aesthetic and a fresh new feel. The outdoor fire pits at the 445 Martini Lounge are perfect to hang out and watch the tourists stroll by.”

Mike Dupre, Business Development Manager

“I enjoy taking my kids to the Elks Theatre on Sundays. It’s an awesome blend of energies; the historic building but contemporary movies. The downtown vibe carries small town flavor mixed with hints of the urbane. They play a family movie on the big screen, usually around 1 p.m. It’s only $5 for me and $4 for them. We love to sit in the balcony and everybody gets a snack pack—a single portion of popcorn, a little box of candy, and a kids’ drink for just $3! It’s a lot of fun and doesn’t create a financial hardship.”

John Edwards, Creative Director

Mitzi’s Books on Main Street.”

Jen Johnson, Social Media Manager

“During work, I love to take a short break and either go next door to Harriet & Oak or down the street to the Starbucks inside the Hotel Alex Johnson. I love how close they both are to our office, and they have yummy drinks and snacks! It’s hard for me to choose my favorite after-work spot because I have so many! When it’s nice weather, I love to go sit outside at ¿Que Pasa? and get margaritas on Wednesdays for just $4. I also love going to Paddy O’Neill’s to catch their happy hour after work.”

Chris Valencia, Senior Designer

“St. Joe Antiques Mall. There’s just so much cool stuff there. Each visit is a different adventure and anything purchased there seems to have soul.”

Rick DenHerder, Owner

“The bike path, when the weather is good. As far as businesses, I like Tally’s Silver Spoon, Independent Ale House, and the VFW.”

Sarah Richards, Communications Intern

“Main Street Square is a great place to meet with friends and to share your time with the community. I love the outdoor seating at ¿Que Pasa?. It creates a really great atmosphere for a group of friends or even a date night.”

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