The Top 3 Timesavers We Love

The Top 3 Timesavers We Love

As our team starts preparing for our busiest time of year (Q4 and Q1), timesaving tips are our best friend. Some days it just feels like nothing gets done, but with these three methods of saving time, you’re sure to feel accomplished.

Time Blocking

Successful entrepreneurs like Elon Musk utilize time blocking to strategically attack their day’s work. It seems simple, but where to begin? Write out your tasks for the day and split them up into 1-hour blocks of time. Be sure to include a buffer in between tasks to account for the inevitable “fires” you will need to put out. If an hour seems too long, try the traditional Pomodoro technique with a timer set for 25-minute increments.

Project Management

Embracing technology can create more focus than some would care to admit. Sorting your projects into priority levels and groups through an app like Todoist or Wunderlist can make it much simpler than sorting through pages of a spiral bound notebook or mounds of sticky notes. (We aren’t hating on either of the traditional methods. Believe us; our desks are covered in notes.)

If you’re working through projects with a team, check out Trello or Monday. These apps are great for bunching like projects together with multiple users. If you want to track your time too, take a look at ClickUp. Our team loves it!

Task Management

If you haven’t tried the Sticky Note Technique of task management, you need to try it out. (See! Told you we liked sticky notes.) Grab a stack of original sticky notes—the 3″x3″ squares. No cheating… keep it small. On a single sticky note, write out your tasks for the day. Think small! Not your handwriting… come on, now. Tasks; not projects. These are steps to take in order to complete a project you need done. The point of writing on a limited surface area is to help your brain prioritize what needs to be done with the space you have. Don’t worry! Once you cross off your tasks, go ahead and add some more.

There are so many more timesaving hacks out there, so don’t be afraid to explore your options. Be patient, and learn what works best for you.

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