Enneagrams of Evergreen Media

Enneagrams of Evergreen Media

We talked about the Enneagram personality test recently, and touched on how it can highlight your personality strengths and areas for improvement. There are two basic truths the Enneagram test seeks to illuminate: the importance of self awareness for personal and professional development, and the appreciation of human diversity. Applying this to business, we find that knowing the personality types of the people we work with—as well as our own—can help us work together better as a team.

Knowing all of this, we thought, why not put our money where our mouths are and take the test here at Evergreen? We did just that, and while some results were expected, we learned more about one another and now have a better understanding of how we all contribute to our overall success. 

We Like to Help

The Enneagram personality we had the most of were 2s, also known as the Helpers. This personality type is optimistic, people-oriented, and great at communicating. It was no surprise that this was our most common trait; our focus is on helping our clients grow their businesses, while networking and building connections within our local community, all with an infectious can-do attitude. In fact, we do everything we can to welcome our clients and make them feel like part of the team—help us, help you!

Moving Forward

We had a tie for second place, between 7s and 8s; also known as the Enthusiasts and the Challengers. Enthusiasts are quick thinkers with positive attitudes that we can count on to always think outside the box and find a new way to do business. This works great for us, as we strive to stay current on marketing trends to keep our clients ahead of their competitors. Enthusiasts can occasionally stray from the task at hand as they chase new ideas, however, but that’s where our Challengers and Helpers step up to reign them in and come back to the team. 

Similarly, Challengers are known for their take-charge attitudes, and their ability to rally the troops to get things done. These are our office leaders who pull the rest of the team with them if we get stuck in a rut. They can be a little blunt at times—a trait that can upset the Helper personalities—but our Enthusiasts smooth it over with their infectious positivity and keep us all working together. 

Finding Meaning

We had a few of the other types here and there, but for the most part almost every one of our team members identified strongly as an Enthusiast, a Challenger, or a Helper. While each type has its pros and cons, we seem to find a nice harmony in the office by playing off one another’s strengths. Our Enthusiasts are always keeping us on our toes, the Helpers find ways to make everything run smoothly, and the Challengers keep us motivated to reach our goals.

You could say we’re forward thinkers, team players, and invested in our clients.

Or simply put: Fresh. Enduring. Relevant. 

Want to see how we can help you grow your business? Contact Evergreen Media today and see what our team can do!

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