In Living Color

In Living Color

{and a Special Delivery}

A Renovation Timeline :: Part 4 :: September 2016

The Evergreen Media team really knows how to party! And by “party,” we mean crack open a can of paint and bring a little life to the walls of our new office space; there was pizza involved, so we’re pretty sure this event counts as a party. The whole team gathered at the end of the workday to brush and roll our way to a brighter, more colorful work space. From a classy gray-taupe in Rick’s office to autumnal shades of red, orange, green and gold marching down the hall, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Publishers are traditionally known for having ink under their fingernails; we upped the ante by mixing in a little paint!

The biggest new-office-buzz this month came in the form of a very special delivery: our new conference room, which happens to be a nifty red shipping container straight off the rails.


Not everyone can pull off such a bold move, but in the midst of moving downtown and rebranding our publishing business, setting up an imaginative conference room in a kitschy red shipping container seemed like just the ticket. Incredible things happen when we gather to brainstorm, plan and dream up new projects to elevate Black Hills businesses, and we can’t wait to hold our regular mind melds in this new space.

If you are looking for inspiration for a redesign of your own or just want to marvel at the design choices we made in our new space, you should stop by to see it for yourself. Being closer to so many of our business partners is one of the best features of our Downtown Rapid City location, and we’d love to see you here at 329 Main Street.



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